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2013 Loon Mountain Race

What to do this weekend: 7/4/14

As this weekend’s Loon Mountain Race, world-class runners will line up alongside hundreds of other runners who may not have a shot at a prize but who will still be out there competing as hard as they can.

Ultra Celebrity

Ultra celebrity

Need some inspiration? Well, this probably isn’t the place to find it. But it’s a good reminder not to take running too seriously, and not a bad way to spend a few minutes on a Friday afternoon.

Manitou's Revenge Ultra

What to do this weekend: 6/27/14

The eyes of the ultrarunning world will be on northern Vermont this weekend as the very first Catamount Ultramarathon kicks off early Saturday morning. What’s that? There’s a big race out in California?

Eric Blake at the 2013 Mount Washington Road Race

What to do this weekend: 6/20/14

Saturday will see the running of both the Mount Washington Road Race—where runners head up the highest peak in the Northeast—and Manitou’s Revenge Ultra—where runners throw themselves up one peak after another for mile after mile after mile.

Mount Washington

Normal runner times

If 2013 was the year of the fastest known time, we are declaring 2014 the year of the normal runner time.

Mount Greylock

What to do this weekend: 6/13/14

Ultrarunning is a pretty small community, sort of like the community of vegans. This weekend, the two will come together at the Vegan Power Ultra in Pittsfield, Mass.